Entourage 2008 Beta Supports Exchange Web Services

Hallelujah. Some decent support for Exchange on the Mac side. Significant changes include:

  • Enhanced Autodiscover service to keep user account settings up to date after the account setup.
  • Synchronization between Exchange Server and Entourage 2008 Notes, Tasks, and Categories.
  • Addition of an Enable Logging (troubleshooting) preference, to log all events that can be used as diagnostic information.
  • Use of attachments in Entourage for Exchange calendar events.

At a minimum you need Entourage 2008, but what version of update rollups your Exchange server needs to be at is a little confusing. The blogs say Update Rollup 4, but when you fill out the survey to get in the beta it says Update Rollup 5. I guess I’d go better safe than sorry and assume Update Rollup 5 at this point.

You can sign up for the beta here: http://www.microsoft.com/mac/itpros/entourage-ews.mspx