Site Refresh

It makes me sad to realize this blog redesign started over a year ago, and it's still ridiculously unfinished, but I think it's in a usable state. My original intent was to finish every possible corner, and clean up my CSS and HTML code before launching the page, but I've long given up on that idea and realized it's probably a hopeless dream. Since the day I started this redesign I've gotten married and had a daughter, so I think the days of having extra free time to work on the website are long gone. I'm not sure any component of the page is in it's final state today, but I hope to keep fine-tuning and editing items incrementally (hopefully without breaking anything!)

So, enjoy.

Drop me a line on Twitter if you notice any problems and I'll try to clean them up. And yes, I probably make about 50 cents if you buy Lync Server 2010 Unleashed through the link on the pages. But you can feel good about funding my daughter's college education by buying it from Amazon.