Is this thing still on?

So it has been nearly two years since I wrote and posted something here—yikes! And even worse, my previous post was Part 1 of a multi-part series I had planned to write, so I effectively left you all with the worst cliffhanger ever. If there’s still an audience here (was there ever?), I sure hope everyone figured out how to level up your video calls with better audio and lighting without waiting for my recommendations, but there’s still a chance I might revisit and finish those articles, someday.

I’m hoping to get back to posting somewhat frequently, and I’ve also added a new There section (heavily inspired by the quick links I’ve long admired from sites like Daring Fireball and so I have a way to share shorter pieces with recommendations or commentary on interesting stuff around the web. We’ll see how it goes.

It should be obvious if you’ve been here before, but I’ll point out that there’s also a very fresh coat of paint on the site. This was a redesign I’ve been tinkering with for awhile now, and completes a move back to WordPress after living on Squarespace for the past seven(!) years. I don’t regret the switch because there were some legitimately cool aspects to Squarespace, but moving back made me realize just how much garbage code bloat gets injected into all these modern web tools.

A quick trip down memory lane

Since it’s been so long since I paid attention to the design of the site I thought it would be fun to revisit some of the previous iterations, courtesy of the always wonderful Internet Archive.

Circa 2007–2010

This was probably the first tech-focused blog I started in 2007 after moving to Portland, right as I started working with ground-breaking software—at the time!—like Microsoft Office Communications Server.

Circa 2011–2015

I think this is still my favorite of the old designs, back when I had some cool certifications and awards to show off. RIP NextHop and the concept of a blogroll.

Circa 2016–2023

And then this was the Squarespace flavor. I was really into the clean look at the time, but it feels a bit empty to me now. Though I did happen learn some fun typography trivia thanks to the logo design: the interrobang.


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Hi there. My name is Tom Pacyk and this is my small home on the web. I love the intersection of design, technology, and communication, which is a combination that led me to a career in sales and marketing roles at places like Zoom and ServiceNow. They're a bit old now, but I also had the opportunity to publish a couple of books along the way.

Portland, Oregon is home for me, my wife Beth, and our three kids, but I'm actually a Midwestern transplant—I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and went to school at Purdue and Illinois. When I find some free time I'm probably going to concerts, rooting for the Portland Timbers, or working on my Sunshine Burn Photography project.