OCS 2007 Global Settings Migration

Last night we moved our production OCS settings from the root domain system partition in AD to the Configuration partition as per the new guidance for R2 with widely distributed AD forests. It went fairly smoothly with only a few users hanging on the MigrateUserDnReferences step (after repeated tries) with a home server attribute it didn’t recognize.  After I adjusted those users to match everyone else the tool finished up just fine.

The issue we had was that after the tool completed we started up the OCS services and everyone signed in just fine, but as I looked through the event logs I noticed lots of Conferencing MCU errors showing up.  I restarted IIS and the Front-End services again and everything went back to to normal.  Moral of the story: Don’t forget to bounce IIS since the Web Components piece of OCS runs through there.

Ran the schema/forest/domain prep steps last night as well so now on to getting R2 installed.


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