The Questions Awaken

A few weeks ago my 6-year-old daughter watched The Force Awakens for the first time (she loved it!) I suspected she might have a few questions during the movie, so I wrote down every single one she asked and then did some text analysis on them just for fun.

Here is the full list of questions she asked me:

  • Why does Kylo Ren have a mask and cloak like Vader?

  • Why?

  • What’s a whereabout?

  • Is that an X-Wing, Daddy?

  • Is that a Luggabeast?

  • What’s that?

  • What’s that thing?

  • Is that Kylo Ren?

  • Is that big Kylo Ren?

  • What’s that Daddy?

  • What’s that little monster that peeked out from the fan?

  • What’s that Daddy?

  • What’s that?

  • Is that Rey?

  • Is that Rey Daddy?

  • Does Rey live on a hill of the sand?

  • Where are the people who trade her for food?

  • Why does she have a whole board of marks?

  • Why does she have that?

  • What’s that Daddy?

  • What is that place Dada?

  • Where did Poe go Daddy?

  • Did Rey find the old TIE fighter and fix it?

  • What was FN2187’s name before he joined the First Order ?

  • Is Finn taking off all his Storm Trooper stuff now?

  • Is he going towards Rey’s little cabin?

  • Is that the town where Rey lives?

  • Why does his voice have to sound muffled?

  • Where’s my tiny little flamingo?

  • Why are there so many weird little monsters?

  • What is that Daddy?

  • Why are those guys trying to capture Rey and the droid?

  • Is that the guy who trades Rey for food?

  • Where’s Maz?

  • How did it go dark?

  • Did it run out of battery?

  • Huh?

  • What’s he now?

  • Is that the cargo they took aboard the Millennium Falcon?

  • Is that the Guavian Death Gang?

  • Is that the place for hurt people?

  • Do the gangs belong to Snoke and Kylo Ren?

  • Where is the part where Rey becomes the Jedi ?

  • Is that Earth daddy?

  • What if the old Star Destroyer blew up that Earth?

  • What’s that, Daddy?

  • Why does Maz have so many weird creatures in her castle?

  • Who was the guy in the black suit?

  • What did he say?

  • Is she pretending to live in Maz’s castle?

  • Is that Vader?

  • Where’s Leia again?

  • Does Finn go to the rebel base?

  • What was that thing that was doing that thing like an elephant?

  • Where is she?

  • Is that Luke’s old lightsaber case?

  • Is that the super weapon?

  • Where are they taking Finn?

  • What does that light do?

  • Dad where are the X-Wings?

  • Is Poe the rebel who took Luke’s old X-Wing?

  • Who’s flying the Falcon?

  • Whose ship is that?

  • What’s that fire?

  • What was that golden Storm Trooper?

  • But what’s its name?

  • But why is she golden instead of white?

  • Does Luke die?

  • Does Luke die in the Last Jedi?

  • Is Padme in this one?

  • Was she in Revenge of the Sith?

  • How did she die?

  • Does this really happen?

  • What’s that beeping noise?

  • Where are they?

  • What’s Chewie doing?

  • And why does Chewie have to have that strap on him?

  • Are all those red spots the explosive charges?

  • Why did Rey have to take Finn’s jacket?

  • And Finn wasn’t?

  • Are they blowing up the planet with Luke?

  • When does Chewie come in?

  • Is Kylo Ren alive?

  • Is Luke at the top?

  • Is Luke at the very very top?


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