Site Refresh

It makes me sad to realize this blog redesign started over a year ago, and it's still ridiculously unfinished, but I think it's in a usable state. My original intent was to finish every possible corner, and clean up my CSS and HTML code before launching the page, but I've long given up on that idea and realized it's probably a hopeless dream. Since the day I started this redesign I've gotten married and had a daughter, so I think the days of having extra free time to work on the website are long gone. I'm not sure any component of the page is in it's final state today, but I hope to keep fine-tuning and editing items incrementally (hopefully without breaking anything!)

So, enjoy.

Drop me a line on Twitter if you notice any problems and I'll try to clean them up. And yes, I probably make about 50 cents if you buy Lync Server 2010 Unleashed through the link on the pages. But you can feel good about funding my daughter's college education by buying it from Amazon.

Site was hacked

So it turns out that updating your Wordpress code on a fairly regular basis (or more regular than every 2 years) is somewhat advisable, or you may find lots of your code containing links to Russian web sites. Sorry for anyone who hit the site and found a virus alert. In order to remove that garbage I've gone back to a clean install of Wordpress. All of the content - good, bad, and potentially outdated - is still here, and I haven't found any evidence of problems in the actual Wordpress database yet, but I haven't spent too long digging through it. Until I can find the free time (ha!) to verify everything is still ok I'll be leaving the site with this fugly default theme. I have a an entirely new, custom theme in progress so I imagine I'll just move the site to that layout once I finish it up.

Re-Design, Finally.

I know it's still not 100% perfect and needs quite a bit of code cleanup, but I think I finally got the site to a point where I felt good pulling out this re-design I've been working on for a months. In between periods of zero free time, a move to San Francisco, and countless attempts at starting over I managed to put the content in a (hopefully) more usable format and took a stab at using HTML5.

The site looks more appealing in anything except IE (of course) with thanks to TypeKit for giving me a great way to use real fonts on the web. I've also added some Twitter, Flickr and Last.FM content here to give this a little more of a personal feel. Maybe one day I'll even get a more recent photo of myself on here. I'd love to know your thoughts on the change.